Need Expert Resources to Support Research & Development?

Support R&D Initiatives with a Trusted Preclinical Contract Research Organization

iFyber is a leading global preclinical contract research organization (CRO) enabling innovation in the medical device manufacturing, regenerative medicine, pharmaceutical, and biologics industries through our expertise in assays, biocompatibility testing, antimicrobial testing, and more.

We are not a traditional “test lab,” transactionally performing commoditized assays. We take a relationship-based approach by integrating with your team and providing testing as well as consultation on what experiments to run, as well as how to use the results generated. In a nutshell: We don’t just provide data, we deliver valuable insights.

Scientist evaluating a culture disk at a contract research organization lab.

iFyber is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) well-versed in helping teams prove out efficacy which can be useful in a range of applications including:

  • Testing to prove out feasibility early in the research and development process
  • Building a case to take to the FDA
  • Helping sales teams by providing data for peer-reviewed journals or whitepapers that show the benefits of their product over the competition
  • And more

Why iFyber is a Leading CRO:

  • Augment Your Existing R&D Team: Our contract research organization offerings include a team of multidisciplinary scientists who can integrate into your existing R&D team and are trained to see the big picture including incorporating quality and regulatory guidance, understanding patient and market needs, and more.
  • Superior Service: Good science, shorter turnaround times, and quality communication are staples of iFyber. Our team goes the extra step to understand your needs and ensure experiments deliver valuable insights needed to complete research projects on budget & on time.
  • Move Through Complex FDA/Regulatory Requirements: Our understanding of the regulated development environment provides a framework for laboratory activities. We are committed to working with your team to deliver integrated solutions that meet complex quality and regulatory demands.
  • Scientists Who Become an Extension of Your Team: We are an experienced contract research organization with a stable of highly capable scientists who can solve problems and are ready to contribute to your team.
  • Get Information, Not Just Data: We are a contract research organization with a partnership approach. We’ll help guide you on what scientific services you need, choose methods, and design experiments to provide actionable information. Once the experiment is complete, we’ll provide insight and context on what it means, recommended next steps, and more.

iFyber is a global-serving preclinical contract research organization supporting R&D with custom scientific solutions. From material characterization to antimicrobial efficacy: we have you covered.

We offer a suite of scientific services to support R&D teams: