iFyber is a preclinical contract research organization that offers custom research and development services to companies that operate at the interface of chemistry, biology, and materials science. iFyber is unique - we provide clients direct access to top scientists that can creatively solve problems and propose application-specific models that best reflect the products real-world intended use.

Whether it is designing highly customized new technology efficacy testing or creatively solving any unexpected challenges that arise during validation testing and full-scale manufacturing, our value is in our ability to work quickly and collaboratively with our clients. In contrast to primarily offering standardized testing, we provide custom solutions to complex problems across numerous different areas of expertise.

Think of iFyber as:

  • An extension of your R&D team
  • Consultants with laboratories to back up ideas with data
  • An academic lab, solving R&D problems on corporate or start-up timelines
  • A testing lab that develops new methods tailored to clients' products and services

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