iFyber Vice President of R&D presents at FACSS

Aaron Strickland, iFyber Vice President of R&D, presents at FACSS on the Detection of Chemical Nerve Agent Simulants using Flexible, Pourous SERS-Active Substrates….more
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Lab-on-a-Bubble Technology Developed

Lab-on-a-Bubble (LōB) technology developed between iFyber and Snowy Range Instruments shows potential for point-of-care diagnostics…more
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Lab-on-a-Bubble Presented in JACS Communication

Lab-on-a-Bubble (LōB) technology is presented in a Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) Communication. LōB proof-of-concept was demonstrated by detecting cyanide at parts per trillion (ppt) levels…more
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iFyber Findings: Antimicrobial Properties of Copper

iFyber scientists publish findings on the antimicrobial properties of copper coatings in leading scientific journal…more
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