Do you have an expertise gap in planning the experiments and hypothesizing outcomes for your project?

Are you trying to identify the best testing regimen to define your new product’s specs?

Do you need insights from experimental data and don’t have the resources?

Do you need additional capacity to run experiments beyond what’s in your lab?

Do you need a quick turnaround time to move your project forward?

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Preclinical Research Expertise

We have the expertise you need, when you need it.


Quality & Regulatory Consulting

iFyber provides regulatory consulting by truly understanding your product.


Superior Service & Support

We are available, attentive, and responsive to our clients’ needs.

From material characterization to antimicrobial efficacy: we have you covered

Find new levels of sensitivity and specificity where other approaches have failed


Preclinical CRO offering custom method development and creative problem solving.

Answer tough questions with our seasoned team.

Nano to milli-scale material insight and design