At its core, iFyber was founded on the principle of creatively solving problems at the interface between chemistry, biology, and materials science and our team reflects this mission. iFyber has brought together multidisciplinary scientists, including microbiologists, biomedical engineers, analytical chemists, and synthetic chemists, with commercial and regulatory team members to meet the diverse service needs of our clients. At least 50% of the technical team holds advanced degrees (Ph.D., M.S.), demonstrating our commitment to having highly trained and skilled scientists involved in every aspect and step of the project.

With varied models of engagement and because of our multidisciplinary team, we are flexible to work with companies of all sizes across numerous different industries. Our team’s mission is to help our clients turn their technology into market-ready products. At all stages of product development, from exploratory research for conceptual evaluation to verification testing to demonstrate efficacy, we have the intended clinical use and potential regulatory pathway in mind.

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