Materials Testing

Our multidisciplinary materials testing team of chemists, engineers, and biologists can evaluate a range of materials, including novel nanomaterials, specialized coatings, and polymers, through the use of advanced analytical techniques. We provide broad expertise and a diverse offering of materials testing methods that can be tailored to each intended application based on our clients' specific needs.

During biomaterial design, iFyber takes a holistic materials testing approach with respect to the end application and selection of individual components that constitute the final product. iFyber carefully considers all material interfaces during characterization and product development. Specifically, important interactions occurring between the materials to be tested and the chemical and biological environment surrounding the material in question could have important implications for product development and manufacturing.

iFyber’s materials testing program fits well within specific consulting projects. Rather than solely acting as subject matter experts for our clients, we support our consulting findings with experimentation and data. iFyber can provide specific and creative solutions in the following areas:

  • Technology Landscaping: What intellectual property (IP) does a client require to meet the market needs of their organization? This process involves a review of the technology in question, including an IP landscape, literature review, and proposed regulatory strategy, to identify enabling technologies and outline potential challenges.
  • Application Landscaping: What applications should a client consider when deploying an IP asset? This process is the inverse of technology landscaping and involves identifying markets that would support the commercialization of a client’s IP asset.
  • Deformulation: Sometimes called reverse engineering, iFyber’s materials testing and analytical services program allow us to identify methods of action in medical devices to gain competitive intelligence or decide how to position a unique product with respect to its competition.
  • Litigation Services: iFyber’s materials testing, functional testing, and analytical chemistry services provide clients with a way to defend their IP portfolio by scientifically supporting hypotheses regarding patent infringement.

iFyber’s diverse staff utilizes a broad set of analytical and materials testing techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to answer challenging questions regarding the composition and physical characteristics of a given biomaterial quickly and accurately.

In addition to evaluating material inputs, iFyber can design and perform product-specific functional materials testing, such as evaluating mechanical properties, resorption rate, therapeutic ion release, antimicrobial activity, and biocompatibility, of products including but not limited to medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biologics. In addition to custom testing solutions, iFyber offers GLP-compliant testing services.

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Additional Material Testing Offerings:

  • Composition analysis (e.g., NMR, FT-IR, SERs)
  • Material equivalence testing
  • Thermalgravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry (TGA/DSC)
  • Surface area and particle size analysis
  • Porosity, pore size, and interconnectivity analysis
  • Analysis of mechanical properties – compressive strength, elastic modulus
  • Analysis of molecular weight (e.g., GPC, MALDI)
  • Resorption rate testing