iFyber Awarded DoD Contract for Antimicrobial Copper Coated Textiles

iFyber announced today the award of a contract to expand its prior R&D of the antimicrobial properties of functionalized copper coatings. The team will optimize production parameters of copper-textile composites and test the dressings against a wide variety of pathogenic bacteria known to infect wounds. iFyber, a contract research and development organization specializing in chemistry,…
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iFyber Welcomes New Senior Scientist

iFyber announced today that they have added Nina Bionda, PhD, as a Senior Research Scientist. Dr. Bionda will be responsible for designing, managing, and executing research programs for clients addressing technical challenges in the chemical and biological sciences. iFyber Welcomes Nina Bionda, PhD Ithaca company continues to expand technical team. Ithaca, NY – iFyber, a contract…
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iFyber Releases Application Note on the Detection of Pyrethroid Insecticides

iFyber has develops an assay for permethrin, which common pyrethroid class of insecticide used commonly in agriculture and textiles for pest management. Learn about the assay here.
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iFyber Supports MKS Technology/Snowy Range Instruments

iFyber continues to support MKS Technology/Snowy Range Instruments on Army Phase II SBIR contract for detection of chemical and biological agents.
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